Going to the theatres in Ioannina

While vacationing in Ioannina, you will have many opportunities to watch remarkable theatrical performances.

Ioannina is the seat of the Municipal and Regional Theatre that organizes high quality performances all year round. More information concerning the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina can be found in www.dipetheioannina.eu and the number 26510 25670.

Ioannina have several theaters and multiplexes hosting shows such as:

The outdoor Frontzou theater
The “Kampereio ” theater of the namesake foundation, with a capacity of 200 seats, which hosts the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Ioannina
The cultural multiplex “Dimitris Hatzis”
Lately, in Ioannina, a street performance festival takes place, the “Ioannina Street Theater Festival”. For three days in late August, the city streets are flooded with theater, puppetry and other spectacular events such as clowns, acrobats, magicians and jugglers. Information can be found in www.streetheater.gr.

Theatrical performances and events are also presented in other selected locations in the entire region of Ioannina, especially during the summer months.

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